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Deliveries and complaints


In the case of a complaint about a delivery, an email must be sent within 14 days to the following address: litige@arabesk.eu
After this period, claims will not be taken into account.

Indicate in the message the references of the lost or damaged articles and for each article one or more dated and contextual photographs.

Please always check that the package is intact and, even despite the haste of the couriers, that the packages delivered are in the same number as those indicated on the transport document.

KEEP IN MIND! We recommend that you refuse the package to the courier if it shows significant signs of damage.

Count the packages you have received and check their contents carefully.

We strongly recommend that you check the package, the pallet(s) in the presence of the person making the delivery.
If you notice missing packages, one or more packages crushed, broken or not closed, you must open all packages to check if products are missing or damaged during transport. If you notice any missing or damaged product, you must indicate the details of the damage on the delivery note.

Here you have the exact and precise information to put on the delivery note:
- Pallet delivered open or without warranty tape
- Missing package on pallet with film or without shielding (specify number): "Pallet with film / without coating, X packages are missing".
- Open package (specify if parts are missing): "X Missing Parts".
- Crushed package (specify if there are broken parts): "X Broken parts".
- Ripped or torn package (specify if there are broken parts): "X broken parts".
- Impact trace: imperatively check the content and claim the damaged parts.

If the courier cannot wait for you to verify it, please indicate this on the delivery note:
"The driver cannot help unpack and check the damaged packages, subject to verification and control."

PLEASE NOTE!: The following general indications cannot be taken into account:
- "Subject to package verification".
- "Subject to package damage."
- "Subject to unpacking".
These indications have no legal value.