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Malachite is a green-colored mineral that is particularly well known for its beautiful emerald-green color and characteristic striped appearance. Malachite is a copper carbonate, which means it's composed mainly of copper (approx. 57.5%) combined with carbon and oxygen. Malachite is generally emerald green to dark green, although its color can vary depending on the impurities present in the mineral. What often distinguishes malachite are its characteristic bands or striations, which give it a striped or swirled appearance. This unique appearance makes it a popular gemstone for jewelry and objets d'art. In lithotherapy and esoteric beliefs, malachite is associated with properties of protection, emotional healing and spiritual growth. It is said to absorb negative energies and promote personal transformation. Malachite is usually found in copper deposits, and is formed when copper reacts with carbonate minerals and carbonate-rich groundwater. Arabesk malachite wholesaler.