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Frequently Asked Questions


How to open my account ?
The creation of an account is done on this page, it will allow you to access the prices for all our products. Any company or person with a SIRET number can register. You will need to fill in your name and that of your company but also this SIRET number. Your personal information will be your email and delivery address and will only be used to contact you. The creation of a customer account does not commit you to anything but allows you to fully use the website. The account opening confirmation generally takes less than an hour, excluding weekends.

How to order ?
To place an order, you must, once connected, add all the items in your basket, in the desired quantity. To go faster, you can from the list of products fill in all the quantities and click once on "ok". Everything will be added in the desired quantity to your basket.
The minimum order is €100 excluding VAT and the FRANCO is €350 excluding VAT. When you have finished your basket, you can validate it by clicking on "View my basket". You will thus access the order page where you can choose the method of payment and delivery, and pay or validate it. It will be immediately taken into account by our server and will be prepared upon payment or proof of payment in the case of a transfer.

How can I pay for my order?
Carte Bleue: Several payment methods have been made available to you for the regularization of your orders. You should know that a direct payment by Carte Bleue via our secure Mercanet system will send a notification which will make your order PRIORITY in terms of preparation. If you encounter a problem with Mercanet, do not hesitate to contact us.
Check: You can send a check to pay for your order, which will be prepared upon receipt of it. The check should be mentioned in the name of "ARABESK" and sent to us at 8 chemin de Casselèvres, 31790 Saint-Jory.
Bank Transfer: You can send a bank transfer to our company to pay for your order. We will send this upon receipt of the funds or proof of payment from your bank by email to comptabilite@arabesk.eu. Our bank details will be automatically sent to you by email if you choose this method of payment.

My item is out of stock, what should I do?
If the item you wish to order is no longer in stock, you can put an alert on it and you will automatically receive an email as soon as it is available again. If it is a product that you want to order in large quantities or that you need at all costs, do not hesitate to contact us to find out the estimated restocking date for the references concerned.

How long can I keep a cart running?
Well aware that our professional customers place large orders, it is normal to build a basket over several days. The date of a basket is automatically updated as soon as a product is added or deleted. After 30 days without modification on a basket, you will receive an automatic email reminding you that you have one in progress and it will be directly accessible from the email. You will be able to modify it according to your needs, then place your order.

How do I change my account information?
All your account information can be modified from your customer area.
You will be able to modify the first and last name of the coordinator, your delivery address (or by commenting on the order if it is punctual), your email, password and all the information related to the company you represent.