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Saint Rita masala Fragrances & Sens incense 15g


The Satya Nag Champa 15g at a record price!

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Official distributor of the Satya, Hem and Goloka brands in France; Arabesk, wholesaler in handicrafts of the world, offers you a wide range of incense of first choice: Nag champa, spiritual guide, super hit ... minerals of superior quality and products of pure craft. Wholesale company in the world of crafts, founded in September 2000, we invite you to discover our company through a dynamic and passionate group that composes and its customers who characterize it.

Throughout the year, our team exchanges points of view and reflections on the dynamics in place in the different worlds of decoration. She decrypts the micro-signs spotted everywhere around her, whether in art, media, home or fashion ... Nothing escapes his vigilance and especially not the aisles of international shows, where she inventories new influences by confronting them with the demand of the French market and other sectors of creation. All experts in their fields, ARABESK's "research leaders" combine the diversity of their skills and their intuitions. The result of this work presented in our online catalog or paper, is a real compass for professionals, decrypting the craft of time and analyzing new consumer behavior.

The quality of our services and our listening constitutes the base foundation of a customer relationship, rich, alive and sustainable. That's why we are committed to serving you in the simplest and most practical way possible. We thank all our customers who have allowed us, through their loyalty and suggestions to improve and enrich our catalog.