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Pontifical Satya Fragrances & Sens incense 15g
Saint Rita masala Fragrances & Sens incense 15g

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Bracelets - Bracelets beads 8mm

7 chakra bracelet pearls 8mm
Azurite & Malaquite 8mm pearls bracelet
Cornaline 8mm A pearls bracelet
7 chakras Howlite 8mm A pearls bracelet
Zebra Jasper 8mm pearls bracelet
Bull's eye A 8mm pearls bracelet
Hematite pearls bracelet 8mm
Argentina Rhodochrosite A 8mm bracelet
8mm pearls Shungite bracelet
7 chakras Tiger's eye A 8mm pearls bracelet

Oil burners

White & red openwork ceramic oil burner 12cm