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Malachite rolled stones 250g
Curved stone box 15cm

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Minerals - Jewelry - Bracelets - Bracelets beads 6mm

6mm pearls multicolor Amazonite A bracelet
Chrysocolle 6mm pearls bracelet
Heated Citrine 6mm pearls bracelet
Dark Lepidolite A grade 6mm pearls bracelet
AA grade Labradorite 6mm pearls bracelet
Lapis Lazuli bracelet  AB beads 6mm
6mm pearls Yellow Opal bracelet
6mm pearls Pink Opal AA bracelet
Mahogany Obsedian  pearls bracelet 6mm
Lavastone 6mm pearls bracelace
Pietersite 6mm A pearls bracelet
Prehnite 6mm A pearls bracelet
Rose quartz A 6mm pearls bracelet
Tourmaline Cat’s Eye A 6mm pearls bracelet
Natural African turquoise A 6mm pearls bracelet
Unakite 6mm pearls bracelet