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Malachite rolled stones 250g
Curved stone box 15cm

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Oil burners

Oil burner Feng Shui Black 10cm

Various products - Other various

Indian Balluchon Bag Color

Incense - Garden Fresh

Mantra Meditation masala Garden Fresh incense 15g

Incense - Goloka - Goloka backflow

Backflow blue monk incense holder
Backflow green monk incense holder

Incense - Satya - Satya 15g

For you satya incense 15g

Minerals - Jewelry - Bracelets - Bracelets beads 10 & 12mm

Amethyst 12mm A pearls Bracelet
Howlite 10mm A pearls bracelet
Multi tiger eye A 10mm pearls bracelet

Minerals - Jewelry - Bracelets - Bracelets beads 6mm

China Amazonite 6mm pearls bracelet
Blue chalcedony B 6mm pearls bracelet
Chrysoprase AA 6mm pearls bracelet
Lemon Chrysoprase 6mm pearls bracelet
6mm pearls rock crystal bracelet
Multi fluorite 6mm pearls bracelet
Hematite 6mm pearls bracelet
Howlite 6mm pearls bracelet
Green jade 6mm pearls bracelet
K2 jasper 6mm pearls bracelet
Ocean jasper 6mm AA pearls bracelet
Blue ocean jasper 6mm AA pearls bracelet
6mm tinted pearls Lapis Lazuli bracelet
6mm pearls Larvikite bracelet
6mm AA Sunstones pearls bracelet
Argentina Rhodochrosite AA 5-6mm bracelet

Minerals - Jewelry - Bracelets - Bracelets beads 8mm

8mm pearls Agate Dendrite A bracelet
Indian Agate 8mm pearls bracelet
8mm Peru pearls Amazonite bracelet
8mm pearls green aventurine bracelet
8mm pearls Rock crystal & Hematite bracelet
8mm pearls green jade bracelet
8mm pearls Larvikite bracelet
Lavastone 8mm pearls bracelace
Moon stone Adular multicolor AA 8mm pearls brace
8mm peru A rhodochrosite bracelet
Black turmaline 8mm A pearls bracelet
Natural turquoise Africa 8mm pearls bracelet

8mm pearls Hematite & Lava stone bracelet

8mm pearls Hematite & Lava stone bracelet


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8mm pearls Hematite & Lava stone bracelet
8mm pearls Labradorite, Black Turmaline & Tiger eye bracelet

Minerals - Jewelry - Various minerals - Donuts

Unakite donut 2cm

Unakite donut 2cm




Unakite donut 2cm

Minerals - Jewelry - Pendulums - Stone clocks

Incense holder - Wooden Incense holder

Wooden ski incense holder Lotus x10
Wooden ski incense holder Butterfly x10

Sage - Palo Santo - Palo Santo

Palo santo Peru in strips 1KG

Sage - Palo Santo - White Sage

Natural white sage smudge 20g 10cm